for registration and more info, please click here  or email for more info!

COST $1800.00 ($500.00 deposit required to reserve your seat)!

LETS CREATE! Come move your soul and inspire your artistry with us! Make your images tell a story and create wonder with Master Child Photographers Brooke Logue & Tonya Poitevint, as they take you on a 2 day, 2 evening journey, that will change you forever! Along with the “on location shooting”, Brooke and Tonya will be pulling back the curtain so that you can see their editing process from start to finish. You will be able to follow along with your own laptop or take notes. You will know the reason for each editing process and why it is important to the image.

Also in store are daily Photoshop sessions with one of the “Photoshop Guys” from Kelby Media. Pete Collins will be joining us to teach some of the more intricate specialties of Photoshop. These range from adjusting skin tones and makeup, to those pesky heirs that just distract from the child.

Just in case that isn’t enough to inspire your creativity, Steven Gustafson will be teaching sessions and working with students to learn how to communicate with their images. You will begin to understand that the perception of the viewer is of primary importance and how the elements in the image should work together to compliment that perception. He will also share ideas on exercising your imagination so that your images speak and convey meaning.

Yes thats right! FOUR AMAZING mentors for the ENTIRE workshop, you will definitely get LOTS of one on one time!

2 Styled shoots. One taught by Brooke, One taught by Tonya.

Brooke’s shootout will be using professional child models, with professional hair and makeup, and some props. Get a sense of shooting high fashion child, while at the same time telling a story or selling clothing.

Tonya’s shootout will be non-pro children, who are not used to being in front of the camera. She will teach how to get true emotion, innocence, and sense of wonder in your images. These kids WILL be styled clothing wise, but no hair or makeup will be involved in this shoot. This shoot is to teach you how to interact with your clients, and grab those WOW shots of kids being kids, and emotions being real.

What we will cover:

Interacting with your Subject (client or pro models)
Styling and Wardrobe.
Finding Inspiration.
Location Scouting.
Finding the Light.
Composition lecture with Steve- This will change the way you shoot forever!
Shooting commercial child fashion- How to get your feet wet.
Learn Brooke’s editing workflow from start to finish- Make Magic Happen!
Learn Tonya’s Black and WHite Edits!
Advanced Photoshop learning with Pete Collins- to learn more intricate specialties of Photoshop that can literally “save” you in portrait photography!
Shooting Locations and Models to be announced at a later time. Think Southern Mansions and Rustic Barns from the 1900′s! Oh and the models? They will be amazing! <3 See you all soon!!

*more info coming soon!

*you should know how to use your camera on manual mode & be

familiar with lightroom and photoshop*



for registration please click here 


details details details!!!

~ Location for workshop is located at zip code  (for travel plans) 37402

Shooting Locations and Models to be announced at a later time. Think Southern Mansions and Rustic Barns from the 1900′s! Oh and the models? They will be amazing!

Hotel: -Hotel- We have a deal with the Courtyard Marriot for $109 a night.

~ lunch and dinner will be served on both days

~ extended learning and critique through a private facebook group after the workshop!


Friday      May 16, 2014  ~ 11:00am – Sunset
Saturday  May 17, 2014 ~ 10:00am – Sunset


Airport information:

 Chattanooga Lovell Field Airport


Hotel Information and where our workshop lectures will take place:

Courtyard by Marriott Downtown – $109 for a double queen or single king rooms for all workshop students.  The rates are regularly $189 during this time frame.  Starbucks is served through our Bistro, where breakfast and dinner options are available for purchase.  There is also a full service bar in the lobby. The hotel has an indoor pool and fitness center, and WIFI is also included in both lobby areas and guest rooms.


what our attendees from the last two workshops are saying:

“Brooke and Steve, these past couple of days have been such an enormous learning experience and I truly appreciate the patience and kindness you’ve shown me and the other attendees. I feel like we’ve created a little family and I have so much respect and admiration for everyone that was a part of the workshop!”

“I’m so truly amazed to think that the three of you stood up there and taught us everything you know, shared your deepest secrets, your time away from your family, spent time with us shooting, checking our settings, editing, giving advice! Thank you for all you did and for doing it with such grace and without holding anything back . Thank you for motivating us to keep following our dreams and for helping us believe in ourselves! A priceless workshop and weekend. Xoxo”

“Wow, Seriously, fantastic class!!! Thanks a million. I feel people made lasting friendship within the class! And to ya’ll you women! Thanks for putting up with me, and having me! It so cool to see every ones different point of view! so cool! HAPPY to meet ya’ll!!”

“Alison came home with passion again. This workshop was the best medicine I could have ever given her. She loves and has so much respect for all of you. She called me on the drive home and she was so excited about the workshop and everything she learned, the models, etc etc etc!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your friendship. She is quite a gal!!” -Terri Amick (Mother of Alison Amick)

“Just returned home from one heck of a photography workshop in Florida!! Brooke, Sandra, and Steve, you are amazing! I don’t think I have ever been this exhausted and excited at the same time in my life!”

“If you have any doubts about whether you should go to this workshop, don’t. It is worth every cent, so save your pennies.
I have spent the beginning of this year dedicated to education and workshops. I have been in what I would call a “slump”. I am officially inspired again!
For me, Steven really showed me how to be an artist and express myself through my images. He showed me exactly what is needed to connect with my viewers. He genuinely cares about his students and truly wants you to be the artist that is inside of you! You will never forget him, he is in my head now when I look at my images.  Steven is one of the most inspirational people i have met!
Sandra, Brooke and Steven are the best team you could ever learn from. Each one of them adds their own special something to photography.
I always felt welcome and encouraged with them. It was such a light hearted, happy workshop!” – Allison Amick

“Hi Brooke,
I just wanted to drop you a personal note to thank you so much for the wonderful time I had with you all this weekend. If I never take another picture again it would still have been so worth the trip to meet you and your team. You are three amazing individuals both in terms of your talent but even more so as people. I told Steve that I was petrified driving to your house on Friday morning. I worried that I would be the only non professional photographer and be way out of my league. You all immediately made me feel welcome and you can’t know how much that meant to me. I also wanted to thank you and your family for opening up your home to us this weekend – not just the workshop attendees, but the models, their parents etc. I know it must have been a disruption for your husband and children  so thank them for me!!” -Dr. David Kennedy

“Hi! Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop – your work is so inspiring and I LOVE your energy! I so greatly appreciate the hard work you all went through to put on this workshop. There is always something so rejuvenating about being with other photographers and getting to photograph just to play — made me really do some thinking about what I really love about photography and what I want from myself – just love your work!” -Sheri Mazariegos



 Get to Know Brooke Logue:

     Hello there. My name is Brooke Logue Gomberg and I am the owner of Brooke Logue Photography. I am the very blessed wife of the most incredible man in the world, and together we created something beautifully amazing- A Family. We have been blessed with two beautiful children, Maren (4), and Zane (2). Maren was my very inspiration for beginning my journey in child photography. My family is my biggest inspiration for everything I do in this life, and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have them, always surrounding me with their love and support.

I have always been an artist and a dreamer, since I was a little girl. I guess I was just born with it, as my mother would tell me. JUST like my daughter is, and my daddy was, and his mother (my grandmother). As I grew older, the world and it’s endless possibilities just never ended. I realized I was just a little different than everyone else around me….and that was ok. So when all my friends went to “normal” middle and high schools, with football teams and cheerleaders, I found myself  studying art as a seventh grader all the way through 12th grade in South Florida at a Magnet School, Dreyfoos School of Arts. I was very intrigued by photography and the darkroom, and for 6 years studied film photography, & the art of developing in the darkroom. I shot my very first image with a pin hole camera made from a cardboard box the size of my hand, and then developed the ever so over exposed and out of focused image, in the dark room. In my junior and senior years there, I began to focus strictly on photography, and spent most my days in the darkroom (during lunch, after school, skipping class)….I was literally addicted with shooting and developing and creating art using photographic imagery.  Going to the school for the arts gave me such an appreciation for the arts, at such a young age. As little artists, we were forced to be creative, to think outside of the box, to create our own ideas and concepts and god forbid….dared to be different. We were taught that art was about expressing our inner selves, whatever the medium may be, painting, print making, sculpture, photography, you name it, I have done it! Back then, there was no such thing as facebook or pinterest, or any other online sharing facilities where others could emulate your ideas and art. Our inspirations came strictly from studying art history and all the movements of its time. Studying art movements such as expressionism, modernism, and even prehistoric and ancient art, has always been such inspiration to me. The year I left high-school was the year the school received all of their digital photography equipment and mac computers. I put down my camera for a few years while I went to a University, and a few years after that i had my first child, Maren, and was inspired to shoot again. Only other than knowing how to shoot manually, I had to self teach myself the world of digital photography, and that I did, I have been working and growing at it every since.

      I have a passion for life. I have a passion for photography. I have a passion for innocence. All three are so unpredictable and pure. And with the unforeseeable, I live my life to its very fullest, I appreciate the pureness and joys that children bring to this earth. My goal is to capture and create photographic expression using my heart, my mind, and my soul; to ultimately connect with each and every one of my subjects.

and some before and afters because I will be teaching my editing workflow!

 Get to know Tonya Poitevint

It is hard to write about yourself….I have started this paragraph several times.  I oscillate between a fancy, descriptive story about who I am, to just a list of words that I feel best describes…me!  But I think it’s so hard, because words are just that….words.  They can too easily label, or create a preconceived notion. I would rather let my actions, my work and my deeds, both good and bad,  speak for themselves.  I could easily write about my children and how they are my everything, my life, my inspiration , but this is obvious to not only my close family and friends, but acquaintances as well..  I could easily tell you that I love a simple life, and I love my home, I shy away from non-family and work related commitments, and that flip flops  are my shoes of choice, but any of the Moms at school pick up could vouch for this one!  It’s probably obvious to many,  that my camera is an extension of my soul and that I own too many photographs and that I see the world through a viewfinder, but my work and my passion for what I do translates this to those around me.  I could try and explain my affinity for lipgloss, sunglasses, and big earrings,  but you would notice this right off the bat upon meeting me!   I could go on and on about how  dance is my exercise of choice and without it, I would not sweat nearly as much and I wouldn’t be nearly as happy without it. I could write about how I love to talk on the phone while carrying on several chores, multi-tasking with the best of them, but even my Dad gave me the nick name “phone girl”, so I don’t think this would be too much of a surprise to you if we met.  I could describe my insecurities and doubts as a woman, as a professional, as a Mom , but many of you can relate to this and it is not unique to only me.  So….you see?  Words are helpful and descriptive.  They lay the ground work of a story. But the real impact comes from the experience and interaction with one another and this is where the REAL impression is made!

Get to know Steve Gustafson: (i promise you will never forget him once you meet him!)

Steven Gustafson has been an amateur photographer since 1975. By working to keep photography his hobby it has been privileged to shoot a wide range of photographic subjects. He is currently credentialed to shoot football and basketball for Florida State University and enjoys flower and macro photography. He shoots portraits, senior pictures, architectural images for advertising brochures, and occasionally gets talked into shooting weddings.  Besides his real job he teaches photography and Photoshop classes in the continuing education department at Chattanooga State and also teaches on a regular basis at Superior Camera in Chattanooga Tennessee. Courses include basic and intermediate photography, studio lighting and composition. He has lectured to groups from Smugmug, art and photography guilds and has judged photographic competitions.


For many years Steve has been frustrated with the use of technique and compositional rules to produce images that he describes as ”mindless” and without meaning. He is currently writing a book on photographic composition which seeks to help the photographer compose their photograph in such a way as to communicate to their intended viewer. “In order for a photograph to be successful it must cause an emotional response in the viewer.” Steve shows how the arrangement of lines, shapes, color and values, if properly combined, are able to communicate something about the subject in a new and unique way.


Get to know Pete Collins:

Pete is a “photoshop guy” (photoshop expert and teacher) from Kelby One. He is a designer and photographer who has extensive wedding, events, stock, commercial, portraits experience. Not just an eye for grabbing a great shot, but the technical know-how to turn a good shot into a great one. Pete’s Photoshop and post-processing skills can turn any picture idea that you have into a reality.

Oh look- it’s Steve and Pete working together! 



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I use Nikon equipment and lenses with my 85mm being my favorite. I shoot just about anything, but with the birth of my granddaughter a year ago, I discovered the joy of infant and children photography…That’s how I discovered you…and that is where my heart and my business seems to be going…I LOVE it!!!

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