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Meet The ‘Not So Shabby Lady’

I had the opportunity a couple weeks ago, to shoot some commercial images for a very dear friend of mine, and owner of Not Too Shabby Lady. SHe is AMAZINGLY talented, be sure to check her out on facebook, for some before and afters of her amazing creations!!

“I am constantly on the hunt for great pieces to recreate and I can also custom paint almost anything in your home.”-Antoinette Rourke, Owner of Not to Shabby Lady

“My style is shabby, french vintage, distressed, imperfect and full of bright, bold colors and personality. I discovered my love and desire for refurbishing in my own home when I felt my own space and furniture pieces needed updating. Over the years my style shifted from clean lines and matching prints, into something less conventional. I’m excited to continue exploring and learning new techniques along the way!” – Antoinette Rourke, Owner of Not Too Shabby Lady

“I am beyond obsessed with taking ugly, out dated, tired furniture and transforming it into something new, unique and fabulous! “

~Not Too Shabby Lady

“At the end of any given day, you can usually find me on the back porch with the music on and a paint brush in my hand.”~Not too Shabby Lady

……and that’s a wrap! 

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Sibling Lovin

“A brother is a friend God gave you; a friend is a brother your heart chose for you.” ~Proverb

“Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero”.  ~Marc Brown

I just can’t believe how close they are, how much they need each other, how they are each others best friends. Maren looks out for her little “fella” as she calls him. She hates when I put him to bed early, because she has no one to play with. Zane does EVERYTHING that she does, has to have everything she has, even tries to say everything she says (although it comes out in full babble still!) They are best friends! Their love for one another, the way they play and laugh, and wrestle on the floor, and kiss and how Maren reads to him….Oh I could go on and on and on! It makes me and my husband feel like the luckiest Mom and Dad in the world. We just look at each other and smile. We feel so blessed to have these two crazy kids!;)

Yesterday, I took the kids for a walk downtown, as we were killing some time waiting for daddy to come home from work, and meet us for dinner. No joke, this is how they walk everywhere. In this image, they were actually talking to each other, and having a full conversation. It was as if I wasn’t even there! If Maren lets go of Zane, he flips out! I have about 50 snapshots of them from yesterday talking and walking like this!!!

“Walk me down the middle of Main Street
Walk me down where the whole town will be
I don’t need no parade
But make sure they all see
Let the whole word know you belong to me.”
~The Band Perry


Every single morning when we walk Maren into school, Zane MUST hold Maren’s hand, or Maren must be touching his back. As long as Zane is being touched and acknowledged by M, he is HAPPY! If Maren walks ahead of him, or forgets, or runs off with a friend, he starts to cry and run after her! ;( The poor little guy LOVES his big sister! Everyone at school can’t believe they walk in together like this every morning, and they go crazy over how cute they are together!!! Maren usually puts her hand on his back, and walks like this everywhere with him, if she’s not holding his hand! She is so proud, and takes such great care of him. I’m so proud of my big girl, and what a wonderful big sister she is to her Zane!

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