Trey & Maren, an Early Engagement Session?

These two have been best friends and a “couple” since birth. Their first two years of life, they lived a few doors down from each other, and basically between Trey’s Mommy (One of my very best friends- Antoinette- Owner of Not Too Shabby Lady) and me, we conformed into some type of communal living, persay, especially because both our husbands had weird late hours at that time, so it was always just us and the two kids. I would always be at her house or vice versa. Baths, dinner, evening walks, we did it all together. Okay, Antoinette would do all the cooking, and I would do all the picture taking;)They grew up together Maren took her very first step in Trey’s bedroom after a bath there one evening. I’ll never forget. They have this connection that is inseparable. When these two are together, it truly is like nothing else exists to them in the world. <3 Now they are 4 1/2, and since 2011, we moved 30 minutes south, so we are not quite the spoiled neighbors we used to be. The school year has kept us apart a lot this year due to after school activities, and school schedules, etc, although we always manage to get these two together. Im super excited about summer, because just as last summer, we basically spent every day with the Rourke family. This week, I think I spent everyday at their house! It’s a home to me, as they are family to us, and always will be. Now, Antoinette and myself, both have our seconds who are ironically both boys, around the same age (two and almost two), and these two stinkers are pretty funny together too!

I shot this session with Sandra Bianco Photography a couple weeks ago, and just had the chance yesterday to dive into these and edit them! Can you believe I almost forgot about these?!!?!  To see some amazing shots from this same session from Sandra, click HERE to visit her blog post on this little adventure of ours!

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June 23, 2013 - 3:22 pm

Reagan - I LOVE your photography!


Meet Artie.  Im sure some of you have already seen this adorable face if your familiar with lil’ owl knitts & Sweet penelope knitts. He is the son of the owner’s (Mom and Dad) of these amazing businesses.

I adored him!!! I adore his name! I adored his personality! I adored his style! (Or mama’s style) ……I adored his parents, and their story of how their business came about! And this lil mini session was probably the most spontaneous session I have ever done with someone I had never met before, in a town I’m not familiar with!

Small world story; they just happened to be in Orlando all the way from Ohio this week, and they saw on my Instagram that I too was also there for the weekend. We literally met up last minute, (literally), as the rain drizzled it’s way through our impromptu session. Neither of us thought it would happen, but we took the risk and I told her to come anyways! Sometimes gloomy sunset skies are beautiful skies too, even if it means shooting in a rain jacket and getting a tad drizzled on! I don’t think 3 year olds even notice when it drizzles!

It was so good to connect with such amazing people in this industry, and Inspiring artists. It’s so neat to see and meet the faces behind the business! Artie is one lucky little boy to have parents like he has!!!

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