Audrey & Max

These two beauties are the children of one of my very best friends, and this session occurred literally mid day, during a play date. We headed on over to the neighborhood park, after some soft rain, which has this beautiful beach opening to the inter coastal. I thought the rain would stop, and clouds would remain overhead, but I was wrong. The rain didn’t stop, it kept drizzling, and the sun came out head strong!! Good times I tell ya! SO, this was a very quick, but interesting session. Max wanted to RUN! Audrey did quite well for me in the few minutes we had. I’m stealing her back for more!! She didn’t want to listen to me much, because I had my daughter running around distracting her!:)

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A Vintage Circus-Editorial for Child Model Magazine

Super fun vintage circus shoot Sandra Bianco Photography & I did for the summer issue of Child Model Magazine

Hair by TessMarie Hair Salon

Makeup: Jo’ah Artistry

Set design: Trisha Varney Photography Designer and Fashion Stylist

Wardrobe: Fairytale Jubilee




You can purchase a print or digital copy of this summers Child Model Magazine EDITION to see our editorial spread in the latest print issue!

the end xoxo
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Behind the Scenes – The Good, The Bad, & The FUNNY!

     Not too long ago I was asked by my family, to sort through my hundreds of thousands of images, to pull some images for a family album that is being made for our great grandparents, and so I fell upon many behind the scene images that had me in all sorts of emotions-laughing, crying, spitting my coffee out! I began resurfacing so many memories I have had with so many inspirational people (especially business woman) in this industry over the past couple years here in South Florida. A handful of whom I have deeply connected with (you know who you are), turning into some of my very best friends. I didn’t even begin to start taking “behind the scene” pictures until 2011, so really this is just two of my four years in the business, of PULL BACKS! These images are a collaboration of iphone pics and images from everyone; Model moms, client moms, other photographers, each other, Missy (my assistant) etc! Everyone has been so kind to always snap some amazing BHS for us, and I just want YOU ALL to know how much they are appreciated, and will always stay close to my heart along this journey of mine!!!

     You will also see a lot of the behind the scenes of our models, whom we absolutely fall in love with! They are our other half of our child fashion business and we COULD NOT do this without them. Our models really deserve a BIG THANK YOU for all they do for us! Even the models from our Persnickety shoot in NY City! You all were such troopers in the freezing cold and Sandra and I became so close with you girls over those couple days. We truly form these connections, and are so appreciative of our models and the model Mommy’s for all you do for us!!! We LOVE our little girls and have really bonded with them on a level I never expected!!! Thank you to all our local models who continuously come out and shoot with us!!!

     I really hope you enjoy these Pull Backs as much as I do, and remember to capture YOUR behind the scenes too! One day, you will look back along your way, with a big smile, and remember your days as a growing artist!

***IMPORTANT NEWBORN SAFETY NOTE : NEWBORN SAFETY is our NUMBER ONE concern, and we have MUCH experience, ESPECIALLY in the great outdoors of South Florida. If you are NOT an experienced OUTDOOR newborn photographer, PLEASE don’t just go ahead and try these poses and locations. We have gone through many measures, experience, and research to ensure your newborn (and children) are in the MOST safe environments and under the BEST care. XOXO

    Before you continue, I think this blog post NEEDS this song, I just FEEL it!! I just couldn’t get it on here! It will open in a new window.


Then GO back to blog and ENJOY!!!!;)You may have to re-play the music a couple times because it goes OH so well with this post!! <3

“These are days you’ll remember
Never before and never since, I promise
Will the whole world be warm as this
And as you feel it,
You’ll know it’s true
That you are blessed and lucky
It’s true that you
Are touched by something
That will grow and bloom in you.”

~10,000 Maniacs

THIS is why two photographers are better than one;)GREAT moment caught on camera, and I missed it because I was looking down at my camera to make sure I had got the shot. Obviously, I had just missed the shot! LOL thanks Keila June Photography ♥ ya

Pillow fight! Mine and Kristi Mangan’s first shoot together!

Mine and Keila’s first session together……TWIN newborns!

Behind the scenes during labor and delivery. Now, I know this is a bit unsanitary, but a photographer has to do what a photographer has to do to get the pic, right?!?!;)Here is the album to these images.

South Florida Photography Club (A group I put together and organized about two years ago), first shootout!

Some more fun times in my neighborhood with photography friends….From my front door looking out……THE WHOLE GANG, about to go on our photo walk…How did you get that shot?!?!?

South Florida Photography Club’s First SOCIAL, at my house!

Mine and Sandra Bianco first encounter.;)I shot an entire client session with Keila, with Zane on my back……More fun times with photog friends……This was Last spring, 2012, playing with chicks. Trisha Varney Set Designer set us up a really pretty set design with glitter stars for our new Matilda Jane we had just gotten too! She is AMAZING!

Whatever it takes to get the shot;)Even if it means sitting on Kristi! 

Mine and Keila’s FIRST BabyRAW (Outdoor Newborn) session.

The Results:

More BabyRAW fun.

Behind the Scenes with Keila & Myself on a BabyRAW (Outdoor Newborn) session.

BHS on another outdoor newborn sesh, this one in a cabbage field. Call us crazy!

And even with boots on, this is what my feet looked like at the end of cabbage field baby day…….

Newborn session at my house with Keila June and Sandra BiancoAnother outdoor twin newborn session…..Here’s a recent photo of us from Summer 2012… Brooke always performing some sort of stunt (lol) and Keila at 33 weeks pregnant! Although we took that summer off, we still had some sessions that came up from friends of ours, etc….and a client or two that we took on.One of those summer clients…..the view from their home.

BHS Little Wellies.

BHS baby Olivia. Yes we are constantly humoring ourselves…..its what keeps us going. ;P

This is actually an Iphone picture of me taken by our babysitter during our vacation last summer. Zane’s was so used to this, that could have soon have been my second shooter;)Photo below c/o Sandra Bianco Photography

Why I don’t shoot my kids often……..?!?!?!?

Below shot C/O Sandra Bianco Photography. Typical session attempt of my kids… can’t see it but Zane is screaming his head off, everyone is a hot mess, Im about to explode, band aid on my head from walking into door earlier that day! Yup! FUN TIMES!

Here are a bunch of awesome behind the scenes from this editorial session that Isla Charm Photography and myself shot for Sanguinetti Clothing. Below Images c/o  C.Gonzalez Photography, all shot and edited by her!

That’s TessMarie Hair Salon doing Hair! As always;)

Alley Cats….Behind the Scenes Downtown in an alley way:)Literally.Sometimes, just sometimes, behind the scenes looks like this….

The Famous PERSNICKETY Clothing New York trip you all have been anxiously waiting to see, that myself and Sandra Bianco took this past winter! We shot the Fall line for this coming Fall, 2013, of Pernickety Clothing Company in the freezing cold winter streets of New York City! I hear the sneak peaks for this line may be making an appearance in the next week or so!

Hey Sir, can we borrow your dog?? Thanks!LOVED LOVED these ROCKSTAR GIRLS with all our hearts!!! We cried when we left them!!! Two full days of shooting by their sides, and they became our best friends!!! Sandra and I become so close with our models and they get so comfortable with us!!! We have such a blast and TONS of laughs!!!!Killing time in the COLD and rainy New York New York.

Downtown Delray Beach, shooting for a Sunglasses line…with these little hood rats!

Behind the scenes at our circus editorial with myself, Sandra Bianco, and Trisha Varney Set Designer & Stylist, Jo’Ah Artistry on Makeup and TessMarie Hair Salon on Hair

Behind the Scenes at THE WORKSHOP MARCH 2013. With Sandra Bianco, Steven Gustufson, and Brooke Logue Photography. Set designs by Trisha Varney Photography Designer and Fashion Stylist. Hair by TessMarie Hair Salon.

Sandra is probably yelling at me to get outta her way! Story of my life;)LOVE the BHS we got of Steve playing with the models, C/o Robyndale Photography.These feet will remain anonymous……Me teaching at the workshop, serious business I tell ya! (FOR REAL!)

Sandra and myself, teaching editing into the night……..

LOVE this capture of the three of us (Steve, Sandra and myself) the second shoot night of the workshop, with our amazing models!

My favorite Position…..

Behind the scenes with Sandra and myself again;)shooting miss Zara. Have I mentioned I LOVE this child!!!!!

Behind the scenes with Addie….Soon she will be my second shooter….


Behind the scenes with Sandra shooting ME;)

Behind the scenes with Addison again, on our memorial day shoot. Damn right DON’T MESS with our US governement property!;)

Addie always asks to take a picture of me when she’s all done with her shoot! I have to show her how its done!!

“These are the days you might fill
With laughter until you break
These days you might feel
A shaft of light
Make its way across your face
And when you do
Then you’ll know how it was meant to be
See the signs and know their meaning
It’s true
Hear the signs and know they’re speaking
To you.”

~10,000 Maniacs

My Team and the people I have worked closely with over the years in this business!

FIRST and foremost my Assistant Missy Neuwelt, who you may not see behind the scenes, but she is what makes MY behind the scenes thrive! Im DEAD serious. Missy was probably at 75% of these sessions that you see above, just helping with the “behind the scenes,” even capturing a lot of the BHS iphone images for me! She also runs ALL my errands, before-during-after sessions, carries bags of clothes and accessories, answers emails, and the list goes on. I cannot thank her enough!!! Oh, and not to mention, for the use of her adorable daughter, Addison, who has been my main model for the past four years of my business! XOXO

All Our MODELS and their AMAZING Mommies! (especially our regulars-you know who you are!)

Sandra Bianco Photography (Workshop Partner, Sidekick)

Keila June Photography (BabyRAW Partner)

Robyndale Photography (newborn assistant)


Trisha Varney Photography Designer and Fashion Stylist

BabyRAW Newborn Forum (Co-Owner)

Style Me Jaime

TessMarie Hair Salon



…….to be continued!

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May 29, 2013 - 2:01 am

Robyn - brooke….. Ty for this amazing share ! truly touched my heart ! I am so blessed to know u , to learn from u , to be inspired by u … love u !!!!

May 29, 2013 - 2:14 am

trisha Varney - Loved!!! SO fun:)

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