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     I have always been an artist and a dreamer, since I was a little girl. I guess I was just born with it. JUST like my daughter is, and my daddy was, and his mother (my grandmother). As I grew older, the world and it’s endless possibilities just never ended. I realized I was just a little different than everyone else around me….and that was ok. So when all my friends went to “normal” middle and high schools, with football teams and cheerleaders, I found myself  studying art as a seventh grader all the way through 12th grade in South Florida at a Magnet School, Dreyfoos School of Arts. I was very intrigued by photography and the darkroom, and for 6 years studied film photography, & the art of developing in the darkroom. I shot my very first image with a pin hole camera made from a cardboard box the size of my hand, and then developed the ever so over exposed and out of focused image, in the dark room. In my junior and senior years there, I began to focus strictly on photography, and spent most my days in the darkroom (during lunch, after school, skipping class)….I was literally addicted with shooting and developing and creating art using photographic imagery.  Going to the school for the arts gave me such an appreciation for the arts, at such a young age. As little artists, we were forced to be creative, to think outside of the box, to create our own ideas and concepts and god forbid….dared to be different. We were taught that art was about expressing our inner selves, whatever the medium may be, painting, print making, sculpture, photography, you name it, I have done it! Back then, there was no such thing as facebook or pinterest, or any other online sharing facilities where others could emulate your ideas and art.

bw0u2a1242Our inspirations came strictly from studying art history and all the movements of its time. Studying art movements such as expressionism, modernism, and even prehistoric and ancient art, has always been such inspiration to me. The year I left high-school was the year the school received all of their digital photography equipment and mac computers. I put down my camera for a few years while I went to a University, and a few years after that i had my first child, Maren, and was inspired to shoot again. Only other than knowing how to shoot manually, I had to self teach myself the world of digital photography, and that I did, I have been working and growing at it every since.

0u2a0636      I have a passion for life. I have a passion for photography. I have a passion for innocence. All three are so unpredictable and pure. And with the unforeseeable, I live my life to its very fullest, I appreciate the pureness and joys that children bring to this earth. My goal is to capture and create photographic expression using my heart, my mind, and my soul; to ultimately connect with each and every one of my subjects.


*photos of me c/o Julie Martin, Artfully Uncommon Photography