2014 Holiday Mini Sessions; Delray Beach Florida

2014 Holiday Mini Sessions; Delray Beach Florida

ALright, Im pretty sure its safe to say that Delray Beach Florida has some of the cutest kids in South Florida!

A Big Huge Special THANK YOU to tutudumonde and The Striped Fig and Georgia Blue, for helping me style these mini sessions with their beautiful clothing and accessories. Almost all of the girls are wearing the above brands, so be sure to check them out!!!

A huge THANK you to all my holiday card clients this season, Including the full session clients that are not posted in this post! And a very special THank you to ALL of my Clients, Fans, Piers….. I would not be where I am without all of  YOU! I am so humbled by all the support I have, especially here in my town, and I look forward to continuing to build stronger relationships, as well as continue to watch your children grow. I absolutely love my job because of all of you!!! Happy New Year! xoxo Brooke


Adri and Sawyer

Adri Outfit one: Dress H&M Headband H&M

Threads outfit two: Shirt The Striped Fig; Skirt tutudumonde; Leg Warmers and Hair Star Clip: Georgia Blue

Outfit two: Shirt The Striped Fig; Skirt Tutudumonde; Leg Warmers and Hair Star Clip Georgia Blue

Styled by Brooke Logue



Outfit One- Unknown, Styled by Mom

Outfit Two-Styled By Brooke Logue

Head Piece The Striped Fig

Dress: TutuDuMonde

Jacket : Target


Styled by his Mom and Brooke 😉

Finley, Frankie, and Fletcher

Frankie: Blue Tulle Skirt: Tutudumonde, Silver and White Leopard Over the Shoulder Shirt: The Striped Fig, Grey and Lace Shrug: The Striped Fig, Grey and Floral Reversible Hoodie: The Striped Fig

Styled by Frankie herself 😉

Finley Dress: TutuduMondeFrankie Head Piece Jcrew Kids Finley Floral Boho Head Piece: GEORGIA Blue

Vest: TargetFrankie Jacket: Target
Fletcher Styled by his Mommy

Shirt and Hat: Baby Gap

Leggings: Pumpkin Munchkin

London and Hudson

London Both Outfits Dresses: TutuduMonde

Hudson: Scarf The Striped Fig

Scarf:  The Striped Fig

Leg Warmers: Georgia BlueLeg Warmers: Georgia Blue

Jeans: Rips and Roars

Vest: Avon KidsElle and Liv

Styling: Brooke Logue

Outfit one Dresses: TutuduMonde

Outfits two:


Headband and Purple Show stopper shorts : Tutudumonde

With Grace In your Heart Sweatshirt AND reversible floral and grey Hoodie: The Striped Fig


White and Silver Leopard Off the shoulder shirt AND reversible Grey and Floral Hoodie : The Striped Fig

Blue Tulle Skirt: Tutudumonde


Styling: Jack himself 😉

Ava and Emerson

Ava Dress: TutuduMonde & Star Clip Georgia Blue

Emerson: Styled by her Mama

Star Clip Georgia BlueThe Judge Boys and their new Sister

Finn & Holland

Finn: SCARF: The Striped Fig

SCARF: The Striped FigSCARF: The Striped Fig

Holland: Skirt TutudumondeRheya & Remi

Dresses: Tutudumonde

Micheal & Sara

Styling Brooke Logue

Dresses and Star Head Band: tutudumonde

Wrist Warmers Georgia Blue

Ava & Sienna

The Spodaks, Sage & Gavin

Styled by their Mama

Drake and Graceanne

Graceanna Dress: Tutudumonde

Star Headband Georgia Blue

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