Meet Artie.  Im sure some of you have already seen this adorable face if your familiar with lil’ owl knitts & Sweet penelope knitts. He is the son of the owner’s (Mom and Dad) of these amazing businesses.

I adored him!!! I adore his name! I adored his personality! I adored his style! (Or mama’s style) ……I adored his parents, and their story of how their business came about! And this lil mini session was probably the most spontaneous session I have ever done with someone I had never met before, in a town I’m not familiar with!

Small world story; they just happened to be in Orlando all the way from Ohio this week, and they saw on my Instagram that I too was also there for the weekend. We literally met up last minute, (literally), as the rain drizzled it’s way through our impromptu session. Neither of us thought it would happen, but we took the risk and I told her to come anyways! Sometimes gloomy sunset skies are beautiful skies too, even if it means shooting in a rain jacket and getting a tad drizzled on! I don’t think 3 year olds even notice when it drizzles!

It was so good to connect with such amazing people in this industry, and Inspiring artists. It’s so neat to see and meet the faces behind the business! Artie is one lucky little boy to have parents like he has!!!

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